About Us

About Us

Find out a little about us, what drives us and how we function


About us

On the planet Earth, Nerd Network Digital was founded in 2019, with an aim and passion for everything the internet. Since our founding, we have curated countless websites, edited videos and created logo’s and branding for many a cause.

We love the internet and everything to do with it. This is why we offer services that cover almost everything in regards to the internet.

About Michael

Finishing school in 2019, Michael began his studies at the University of Pretoria, currently studying a BIS in Multimedia (which covers Computer Science, the Web and Visual Design).

He loves playing his computer games (mainly strategy games like Anno, Cities Skylines and a bit of Rust) and photography.


Our Strategic Partner: Hyper Layer

Hyper Layer is a International based hosting company that offers hosting of various products and ranges.

Nerd Network Digital and Hyper Layer have a great partnership, with Hyper Layer providing the solutions to provide Nerd Network Digital and our clients the best hosting platform possible.

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