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Premiere hosting solutions that is aimed just for you and/or your business.

Why you need hosting?

In order to get your website onto the internet, you have to host your website somewhere. To make our lives easier, we use hosting providers to host our websites for us.

We have partnered with Hyper Layer to provide our clients with the best possible hosting solutions. With our good partnership and communication, we always make sure our clients websites are up, 24/7, 265.

What various hosting packages are there?

There are various packages and options when it comes to hosting, but each has their own set or pros and cons.

Panel Based Hosting

Your website is hosted on a panel based setup, such as cPanel or DirectAdmin.

Pros: Easy to Manage, Easy to Setup, Cheaper
Cons: Slow for eCommerce websites, Shared Server Resources

VPS Based Hosting

Your website is hosted on its own, semi-dedicated hardware. With the advantage of having a more powerful server powering your website.
Pros: Own Hardware, More Control
Cons: Can be more expensive


We have various packages, with the various server options.

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