Felicity McNamara Leather

We were thrilled when Felicity became our very first client, approaching us with an exciting opportunity to showcase her exquisite bespoke leather products through a captivating website.

Felicity’s passion for crafting one-of-a-kind leather creations was evident from the moment she shared her ideas with us. She envisioned a digital platform that would not only highlight the artistry and craftsmanship behind her products but also evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication that resonates with her discerning clientele.

Penny Tarr Physiotherapy

We were delighted when Penny Tarr approached us with her brilliant vision for a physiotherapy website. Her idea was to create a digital space that exudes warmth and comfort, where clients could easily access all the available services while finding the essential contact details with utmost ease.

Fairlands East London

We were delighted when Fairlands, an esteemed retirement complex nestled in the heart of East London, South Africa, approached us with a desire for a fresh and captivating website to amplify their presence and reach within the community. Embracing the opportunity to assist this remarkable cause, we eagerly set out to craft a digital platform that would meet and exceed their unique requirements.

Leather Art by Cindy

Cindy reached out with an inspiring vision: an online store to showcase and sell her exquisite leather products, including beautifully carved gunstocks. Embracing her passion, we gladly stepped in and created a seamless eCommerce platform for her. Now, from the convenience of her phone, Cindy effortlessly manages her store, celebrating the artistry of leather and gunstock carving in one captivating space.

Michael Ross Tarr

My very own personal website, haha, yes, shameless plug.

Hyper Layer Twitch Relay

For our strategic partner, we provided backend solutions for their Twitch Relay website.

Other Projects

Zero to Hero

An online eCommerce store specializing in health products.


An online portfolio website for an online academy.