Website Design

Every business in this modern day needs a website. Whether it is to promote your artwork or just a simple, easy way for people to get in touch with you.

Here at Nerd Network Digital, we speak and talk websites. So, you know that you are in good hands with us.


Over 50% of the world internet traffic is done on mobile devices. We know this, and we design our websites to look good on all devices.

Super Fast

Most people will click off a website if it loads for more than 6 seconds. We strive to make our websites as fast as possible, by using the most reliable technology that we can get our grubby hands on.

SEO Optimized

What good is a website if it does not show on the internet? We setup our websites so that your potential viewers or clients find their way to your website.

Hosting & Domains

You will need a place to host your website. So, we have made that process simple and easy. We offer fast, stable and quality hosting options.

From shared hosting to VPS & Cloud servers, there is no need to go any where else.

We also manage domains, we are a jack of all traits.

99.5% Uptime

We guarantee 99.5% uptime. Don't believe us? See for yourself at our uptime page.

Safe and Secure

The servers we use are safe and secure. We even add an extra layer of protection just becuase you can never have too much safety.


We are transparent, which means we don't lock down your access to your server. You will gain full access to your server (if you want of course).


Over 15% of all shopping now takes place online, and this is only growing.

Do not get left behind. We design our websites around your products, so it all matches together.


We support various 3rd party payment platforms, that just keep your clients data safe and secure.

Too Easy

We make it easy for you to manage your online store. With a simple mobile app and clean dashboard, the possibilities are endless.

For Mobile and Web

Our online stores are designed with both mobile and computers in mind, and no matter what platform, it will still look good.

Brand and Graphic Design

What is the one most important thing that your clients will recognize your brand by?

Your logo is the most important asset for your business. We design our logo's and other design assets to stand out, something that your clients will easily remember.


All our branding and other assets we design are made all on computers, so you know the quality will be perfect.

Stands Out

We make sure our design work stands out from the rest, matching your colour palate.

For the Web and in Person

We use file formats that look good no matter what format or where you use it. Whether for your document headers or putting it on a billboard, size won't matter, its pixel perfect each time.

Mobile Apps

This is something new that we have started with, and will hopefully develop this product into something great.

There are over 5 billion mobile phones in the world, and this is only growing. So it makes sense to increase your presence on mobile. From Android to Apple, we have got you covered.

eCommerce Apps

Allow your client base to download your app, and buy, manage and wishlist products directly on their mobile phones.


We create our apps to be customizable from the very beginning, getting your ideas and feedback along the way.


Our mobile apps use the latest and greatest frameworks and backend, ensuring that your app will be usable well into the future.


If you have not heard of Discord, you must be living under a rock.

Discord is one of the fastest and biggest online community platforms, and boasts over 300 million active users, and this is only growing.

For Gamers, by Gamers

We are gamers, so we know the needs of your Discord bot.


We make it easy for you to add commands, request additional features and change the profile picture of your bot.


Although each bot is from the same factory, we add the personal touch to each bot that exits our factory.

Digital Marketing

Over 3.6 billion people around the world actively use social media. So, you might as well use this to your advantage.

Target potential clients that might like that you are offering. With powerful tools, we can make this possible.

Targetted Ads

Target the users who you want to target. From age, to area to other data points, the options are endless.


Want to make your social media feed to amazing? We come, take photographs and make amazing content to post.


Research is important. Which is why we will research what tags will get the most reach, and when to post, and anything in between.

Let's Talk?

Stop thinking about it! Just pop us a message and we will respond as soon as possible!