Website Design
and Development

Every business needs a website to stay up to date in this Hyper-Modern world.
So, don't get left behind, let us build your website for you.

What comes with each package?

We believe in transparency, so here is a list that is included in all of our website packages.

We do everything for you, you don't need to worry about the design or content, just give us your ideas and thoughts, we make it happen.


We make all our websites to look good on all types of devices, including computers to mobile phones. We do this because over 50% of internet traffic is done on mobile phones.

Super Fast

We try to make all our websites as fast as possible, with short loading times. We use systems like caching, lazy loading and minifying. As an extra, we do offer CDN support.

SEO Optimized

What is the point of a good website if it doesn't show on search engines? We make sure your website will show on Google, and others. As an extra, we do offer advanced SEO research.

Powered by Cloudflare

We use Cloudflare for all of our clients. Cloudflare add an extra layer of protection onto your website, as well as providing a very basic CDN that enables faster access to your website from all over the world.


We ensure that all our websites use HTTPS. HTTPS is a secure protocol between your device and a website that you visit. Websites with HTTPS rank higher than non-HTTPS sites, increasing your visibility on search engines.

Email Marketing

Run successful email campaigns, where users can sign up for regular "newsletters". This helps get more clicks onto your website, and potential new people visiting your website.


We have various packages, aimed at all sizes of pockets and all your needs.


Every business needs a website to remain competitive in this hyper-modern world.

Stand out from your competitors with a good looking website. From product galleries to in-depth services pages, anything that your business offers, we can provide.

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  • 2 - 8 Pages
  • Include Product Galleries
  • Get Contact Pages & Forms

What extra services do we offer?

Advanced SEO Research

Get the right keywords, that would drive more traffic to your website.

Chat Bots

Get more engagement from your visitors, with a chatbot that is aimed to your needs.

Various Addons

Need something special built into your website. We offer support for various extra plugins and extensions.

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